The Eye That Never Shed a Tear

The Eye That Never Shed a Tear

It’s a bit of a whirlwind around here just now. Rather hectic in the way that eats your time, morning, noon and night, nonetheless. I’m sure you’ve had those!

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you something that I found on my bookshelves a couple of days ago. It’s an autograph book that belonged to my grandmother, Myrtle in her teens. There are drawings, signatures and wonderful ditties within its pages, all dated between 1927 and 1931. This is one of my favourites, though.

It reads: ‘The eye that never shed a tear.’ Best wishes, E. J. L. Newnham, December 12, 1929.’

Above it, still sitting pushed through the page, although now rusted and broken in two is the needle. My Mum tells me that Miss Newnham was in Myrtle’s class at school, and grew up to be a schoolteacher herself (teaching my Mum amongst others). She married in her late 50s and was still a very creative dressmaker and embroiderer into her 80s.

Dyelot Conundrums

I’ve been taking six balls of Paton’s Merino Wool DK around the house into different lights for the past half hour.

The wool is left over from a couple if previous projects and I’m fairly sure that there are two different dye lots. I’m trying to ascertain how many balls I have of each before deciding how to use them in a new cardigan.

Do I need to use two alternating strands all the way through or not? Are there enough balls of each to even do that?

Such decisions befall the knitter.


Finally finishing my Goodale


After two years (!) of it languishing in my WIPs, I’m finally finally sewing up and putting the finishing touches to my Goodale cardigan.

The reasons it has taken me so long are interesting. I began knitting it whilst pregnant.  You know, in the bit between the mad frenzy of making more and more tiny cardigans.

I’d thought that it would be great for towards the end, when it would still be winter,  yet I’d be boiling hot. The short sleeves would be just right.

Well, as it happened,  Poppy came 7 weeks early and I was indeed boiling hot in January and February,  just in the neonatal unit instead of at home.

The Goodale cardigan was never finished.

I had a think about what to do, when I came across it again, recently.  Should I finish it, just in case in a future pregnancy it might fall in the winter again? A bit of a chancy long shot, really. Should I frog it and use the yarn for something else? Most likely,  or so I thought…

Maybe I should offer it to my Mum, who is a little larger than me, although the cardigan is dark blue and short sleeved, and that might put her off?

Well, she tried it on a couple of days ago and declared it just what she needed! With the request for ‘jazzy buttons’ yet to be fulfilled,  I’m weaving in ends and sewing it up as we speak.  Um, well obviously I’m typing *right* now…

I shall post a picture of my Mum wearing her Goodale as soon as it’s all finished.

All’s well that ends well.

The Geotaggers’ World Map

The Geotaggers’ World Atlas #2: London by Eric Fischer (Used under CC license)


I recently came across a beautiful and fascinating set of images on Flickr. They are maps, compiled by Eric Fischer from the metadata of geotagged images on Flickr and Picasa.  The set is called The Geotaggers’ World Atlas and is a fascinating thing to behold. All the maps are to the same scale (a square measuring 15 miles on each side, and comprise many of the world’s capitals and larger cities. They reminded me at first sight, of the human blood system, or nerve paths leading out from a central brainstem. But don’t let that put you off… go look!