H for Poetry Society
Knitted H square for the Poetry Society

I knit like my fingers were on fire this Sunday to make a last-minute ‘H’ for the Poetry Society’s Knitted Poem which is a project to celebrate their centenary. They were missing both Rs and Hs and put out a call last week for speedy knitters to make some before the sewing-up deadline on 26th September. The Poetry Society had a stand which I saw at I Knit, showing some of the finished letters. I had thought that the deadline had passed, so I was really pleased to get a chance to take part.

It was the first time that I’ve done intarsia and found that it wasn’t all that bad after all! Sometimes I just need a prod in the right direction to try something new. Using small amounts of yarn on cards helped a lot to eliminate tangling.

Intarsia anti-tangling mechanism
Intarsia anti-tangling mechanism

We were asked to mark the back with our favourite poem, but to be honest I couldn’t choose. I put two titles onto my label. Two which create somewhat of a paradox when read together: one which I occassionally address but have yet to resolve in myself.

I choseĀ  The Tyger by William Blake with its religious imagery and the sceptical Storm which is a beat poem by Tim Minchin.

You can see how everyone else is doing in the Ravelry Knit a Poem group. There are some lovely, inventively knitted letters there. Also stay tuned to find out what the final poem will be (it’s a secret until the sewing up is finished).

'H' is for the knitted poem
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