Firstly, can you help solve a puzzle? Susan Crawford posted a photograph of some Kangaroo yarn on her blog (scroll down to the bottom of the post). If anybody has any information about the provenence of the yarn or the makers, please do leave a comment.

The always interesting Worn Through blog has a very useful post about where to find digital image resources for fashion and costume that is well worth bookmarking.

I’ve recently been taking some really great small business classes with both Tara Swiger and publishing ones Sister Diane from Craftypod (including  ‘How to Host your own Blog‘ of course!) I’d highly recommend having a look at both of their sites to see whether they have something that you might like to do.

Artist (and chicken keeper) Kirsty Hall also has also recently launched her own consulting services to help artists work better with the internet, because it really isn’t scary, you know. I have benefitted from her wisdom myself in relation to how to juggle many social media channels/blogs/online voices and still stay sane, so would highly recommend her.

And lastly if you’re not feeling the passion, the inspiration for your thing just at the moment, here’s my favourite TED video for you: Benjamin Zander on Classical Music and Passion.

Pass It On: Kangaroos and Business too
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