A clever piece of marketing for the opening of Westfield Stratford City shopping centre in London, (via The Hairpin) This is a great video of two dancers, male and female, with a myriad of costume changes showing the changing fashions in Britain since 1911. I particularly like the piece reflecting the Second World War which has the chap wearing military clothing and then the lady dancing by herself for a time until he returns with a flourish.

Of course, the dress shown isn’t what everyone was wearing and the clothing changes mainly reflect the fashions of the young. A case in point was the clothes representing the 1980s which made me cringe rather at the fashions of my youth, but I’d definitely not be wearing the clothes in the last frames, today. Perhaps I’m just getting old.

So, even if not the most accurate for all, it is very enjoyable to watch: the dances themselves are quintessential of the times, the hats and shoes are marvellous, and it is great touch to see the way that the dancers’ clothing is cut between two alternate fashions of the time.

You’ll be humming the great music all day. Enjoy.

100 Years of What Britain Wore
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