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I wonder whether you’re all ready for Christmas? It’s 7.30 on Christmas eve here in Britain, and I have not long completed my last task of card making. It’s been a superbly busy week, but I’ve cracked on, and have gift baking and knitting finished and wrapped ready for tomorrow’s festivities. Indeed, there was a good bit of hand making this year, but more along the lines of conserves and baked goods than my usual frantic December of knitting. I have only knitted for two people this year and because of this, feel that I’ve been able to put more consideration into making the garments and in turn they have felt like a pleasure instead of a chore.

Remember the sleeveless jumper that I was making from a 1965 Stitchcraft magazine? After much discussion about cables and a bit of a pattern rewrite (not least because the finishing instructions for the ribbing were missing), it is finally done. My Dad will be unwrapping it tomorrow as part of his Christmas present. Of course, it won’t be a complete surprise as he’s been my advisor right the way through its cultivation. For all of his help and stipulations of which sort of cables he would like to use, he hasn’t seen the final pattern on the two front panels, so I’ll be holding my breath! As he doesn’t read IMI, I’m able to five you a sneak preview: here’s me wearing it… it’s definitely got a home if he decides that it still isn’t quite right!

So, enough waffling. I have mulled wine to drink, a hat to knit and a nice Christmassy film to watch! I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope that you have a wonderful day with fun people, and remember: don’t feed the dog too many pigs in blankets from the table!

Yuletide Felicitions!
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    You’ve been working!


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