A little departure from the norm for me with a small audio recording. When I awoke from a seizure today I found that I had recorded this a little earlier (but didn’t remember doing so).

I like the rhythm of this stitch pattern. It's a bit fuzzy but that's how I feel this week.

Sometimes I leave myself a note about what happened in the couple of hours previously, but this time there was just an email with a little audio attached.

I have been thinking over the rhythms of knitting (both the fabric made, and the act thereof), patterns of stitches and colours and the look of the yarn itself for a few days now; thinking about how they relate to and reflect my own life. This is what I had to say about the matter earlier.

The rhythm of knitting (opens in a new window)

PS I may have been a little bit close to the phone when it was recording so apologies for the crackly noises here and there.

Some pre-ictal ramblings on knitting and trains.
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