The latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine has just hit the shops, and I have another column therein about how I do my textile history research. This time, I was finding out about the wartime knitting scheme run by London Transport. It was a fascinating area to look in to, and I always like writing about the behind the scenes part of my work – how I actually go and find these things out before fashioning them into an article or taking them further in the physical sense of making. It’s a good exercise in reflective practice on top of everything else.

Issue 90 has some great patterns including a lovely capelet which would be handy on a chilly day like today (I’m sufficing with a pair of tights underneath my trousers…) There’s also a lovely fair isle cardigan for babies and toddlers and a needle gauge shaped like an owl, people, an owl! Extra plus points for it having metric and imperial sizes too, rather than US sizes. Much more handy for those of us with inherited or charity-shop-bought needles. Hurrah!

Another Column

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  • 31st January 2012 at 21:17

    I never realised that Simply Knitting did some historical articles, will have to get my hands on a copy now. Thanks for the headsup and well done on your article, it looks like a really interesting area.


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