Yes indeed, although we are no longer completely surrounded by a sea of brown boxes, there are still all the tell-tale signs that we have just moved house: Ikea Benno CD stacks awaiting assembly, not-quite-fitting pieces of furniture somewhat jammed into not-quite-the-right-place-yet and a big, big pile of bubblewrapped pictures, as if we are curating our own show.

SMP Art Committee, Curating (used under Creative Commons)


Well, I suppose we are really. Isn’t that what you do when you move house? Take your own selection of items to a finite space and arrange them in the best way possible; the most pleasing as well as the most practical? We’ve picked off those that will not work in the house, or that we no longer feel the love for (collection of 90’s furnishing fabric, I’m looking at you). It feels as if our galleries are getting there.

I don’t yet have workroom space, as all of my boxes of fabric, yarn and textile accoutrements are as yet unpacked, stacked on and around my table, awaiting the transformation of my childhood wardrobe into a craft storage cupboard by my amazingly resourceful Dad.

I have had a little bit of time to do some sewing though – at my parents’. I used one large tablecloth to make five smaller items. It was very satisfying and I will be writing up a how-to, or two very soon!

On the Move
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