Having first made a double batch of this chutney last year, we were surprised to have run out in only about 8 months. Thinking about it though, it was inevitable. Everyone that tried some (thinking that it would taste quite odd) then went home with a jar!

Well it is rhubarb season, and very timely too as we ran out just last week. I adapted a River Cottage recipe, crossed with a family recipe of my Nan’s and came up with the following.

It makes four 1lb jars, and will keep for about a year, provided it gets the chance.

Prepare your jars by washing and drying, then sterilising in the oven on a low heat.


500g granulated sugar

100ml cider or malt vinegar

500g rhubarb (weigh before cutting)

500g cooking apples (weigh before cutting)

125g sultanas

125g dried cranberries

100ml water

2 mulled wine spice bags (I use Schwarz) If making your own, be sure to include some cloves, a cinnamon stick and some root ginger.

1 large teaspoon English mustard


Into your jam-making pan, put the sugar, vinegar, water and the spice bags. Once the sugar is dissolved, put aside to cool a bit while you chop the fruit.

Trim and chop the rhubarb into approx 2cm chunks, and peel and core the apples before chopping them into chunks of roughly the same size.

Add the rhubarb, apple, raisins and cranberries to the sugar syrup and cook gently for 15-20 minutes, stirring periodically. The fruit should soften and the rhubarb will start to break down making a thick mixture.

Remove the spice bags before switching off the heat. Pour the relish into warm jars, label, cool and enjoy! We find that it goes well with cold meats, mashed potatoes and salad at this time of year.


Recipe: Rhubarb and Apple Relish
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