Reading Lots of Dodie Smith, including The New Moon with the Old (very entertaining) and catching up on reading Country Living magazine. I tried to steer clear from what I might term ‘work reading’ (even though I enjoy it immensely) and went for fiction and browsing.

Eating home-grown strawberries and blackcurrants in a range of yummy puddings, double gloucester cheese on toast, risotto made from our first courgettes from the garden, and because it was a holiday, a couple of Cornettos.

Watching Poirot, for both the stories and the clothing (and we also like to spot when they’ve used the 1930s buildings at Goodwood for a location), The Secret History of our Streets (which focusses on one London street per episode and follows its progress from the Booth poverty maps to the present day) and I’m really pleased to see that New Girl is on again!

Visiting Southampton’s brand new Sea City Museum which I enjoyed immensely, and shan’t write more about now, as I’m going to write a review of it very soon instead. Instead I just say, go!

Knitting my own Goodale in a lovely French navy wool. I put a good few inches on to it this week whilst listening to podcasts and scooting about on trains.

Making lists, and drawing up designs. These ones include a patchwork quilt that I’d like to make before this winter, and also some matching cushions if I get time. Oh, and I made some more rhubarb and apple relish, as we can never get enough of it in our house.

Listening to lots of Hugh Laurie, Train and a good bit of Mozart and Chopin too (nocturnes for the latter). My podcast playlist included the latest episodes from The Knitmore Girls, Cast On and a few lectures from TED. This week I’m planning to finish listening to Something Fresh by PG Wodehouse and start on Angel’s Game as my back-to-work train knitting soundtrack.

How about you?

This holiday-at-home I have mostly been…
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