Penelope, now in her early 70s was interviewed by me about learning to sew at school, and she had many a story, but this one seems particularly topical.

Ingrid: So what kind of sewing did you do at your first school?

Penelope: I only ever did sewing with pennies. I could do round pennies. [laughs]

That’s all I could think we did at the infant school. I don’t think we did anything other at infant school.

Ingrid: With pennies? What, like to cover them?

Penelope: No we drew round pennies to make a pattern and then follow it to sew you see. We did it over and over and over again.

Ingrid: Oh, I see to make a pattern?

Penelope: Yeah to do a chain stitch or something. Embroidered. All the kids’ PE bags were like that you know, with these rings like they were running the Olympics, you know!

Sewing Stories: ‘Running the Olympics’
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