…not only is it a knitting day, but it is also my blog’s new title.

Actually, the title is really rather apt for the weather around these parts – we are having an unprecedented amount of rain which is great for the garden, but not so much for general morale.  I’m thinking cheery, cosy thoughts and wrapping up warm.

Dramatic sky and pouring rain
Dramatic sky and pouring rain, as I write.

It really has been rather a while since I have regularly written here, and in that time quite a few things have changed in my life. Never mind that Giles and I got married or that we moved house… by far the biggest change is that we now have a tiny, funny, inquisitive, bum-shuffling daughter who is into absolutely everything. It’s a whole different life for me. Even though she takes up the vast majority of my time (and rightly so), I’m not going to go on and on about babies from here on in so don’t fret! Suffice to say, as well as looking after and learning all about my daughter, I have been knitting a lot and have taken some textile classes too. I’ve especially become much better at dressmaking, which will make for an exciting future wardrobe.

The Littlest Babbidge
Washing machines never get old.

So. I’m returning to the blog after a year’s maternity leave, a few false starts and a Good Think. Being frank, I don’t think that it *can* be exactly the same as it was before The Littlest Babbidge was born, with lots of textile history research and longer articles, but this has taken me quite some time to come around to. Simply put, I don’t have the resource of time now. *

Little Menu
Knitting while she naps.
Knitting while she naps.

Still, I like writing, I like sharing my ideas and the things that I make, and when I get the chance to, my research and book reviews. I’m going to be slowly get back into blogging – perhaps just once a week for now, as time allows. The blog will be taking on a more leisurely pace and will perhaps have a little change of tone from here on in, but I do hope that you will still enjoy what I have to write. After all, I’m still one curious, creative lady.

* Yes, I’m sure you could have told me that!

Rain, Rain, Here to Stay…
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