A couple of months ago my hair was about shoulder length and had got to that point, catching on my collar and my necklaces enough to be persistantly annoying, but not really long enough to make a good up-do.  This, as always, caused me the dilemma: to cut it into a bob again, or to grow it on further and wear it curly, long. (Once longer than shoulder length it takes about 30 minutes to straighten and frankly I have more exciting things to do.)

In order to put off the decision a little longer, I sometimes started to wear my hair with a knitted hairband to get it off my neck. I quickly realised that it would need a little more help and decided to make a turban. I used Susan Crawford’s 1940s-inspired Greta Turban pattern and it turned out to be a great asset to the summer months.

I rather like it, and once I have grown my hair a little longer I’ll be wearing it all the damn time too!

I really enjoyed knitting it up in Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift which I’d not tried before, and the pattern: the lovely mossy texture of trinity stitch is really easy to remember, making it a lovely accompaniment to watching a bit of Miss Marple on the telly.

Oh, and the alter ego? At school one teacher persistantly called me either Greta or Bridget instead of Ingrid. I wasn’t so keen on Bridget, but Greta somehow had a more exciting ring to it, so I’d answer to that.

Pattern notes:
There is no tension given, but as I know I knit rather loosely, I went down a needle size to that given. This has actually made me a smaller turban than the original, but it still fits me fine.

I did the ties differently to those in the original pattern. As my turban turned out a little smaller, continuing on until the ties measured 12 inches would have made them out of proportion, so I stopped at around 8 inches instead and tied them differently to finish off as well as it seemed to suit me more.

Greta: my alter ego
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