Still chilly round here, isn’t it? We went for a walk along the shore at one of our local haunts, Langstone, at the weekend to blow away the cobwebs and I could definitely have done with taking this scarf with me.

So, do you fancy a nice quick knit that is completely potato chippy, as the Knitmore Girls would say? You know, when you just keep having to have a few more, knit a couple more rows. I really don’t think that crispy has the same resonance; maybe Pringles are more where it’s at – we all know the tagline there!

Anyway, back to the knitting. Short rows are a nifty technique to shape your knitting in 3 dimensions. They’re often used in bust shaping and for bags, but learning them by knitting little-squares-with-a-bulge-in can be a bit dispiriting. However, making an awesome, snuggly scarf is a much better way to practise!

This pattern is good for advanced beginners. It will teach you the basics of short row shaping as well as making eyelets in the fabric.

I used Mirasol Llama Una, but if you don’t have any handy, you will need a smooth aran weight yarn plus appropriate needles.

So onwards for some short-row Pringle knitting… hmmm, too golf jumper-esque?

You will need:

3 skeins Mirasol Llama Una and 4mm needles


K: knit

P: purl

Yo: take the yarn forwards over the needle from back to front and through to the back again

K2tog: knit two stitches together

W&T: wrap and turn. Keeping the yarn in back, slip the next stitch purlwise from the left needle to the right needle. Bring the yarn forward as if to purl and then slip the stitch from the right needle back to the left needle. Bring the yarn to the back of the work as if to knit, turn the work and you are ready to purl back.


Cast on 40 stitches.

Row 1: knit

Row 2: k1 *yo, k2tog. Rpt from * to last stitch, k1.

Row 3: knit

Work ruffle pattern as follows:

Row 4: k18, w&t, p18

Row 5: k15, w&t, p15

Row 6: k12, w&t, p12

Row 7: k9, w&t, p9

Row 8: k6, w&t, p6

Row 9: knit

Row 10: p18, w&t, k18

Row 11: p15, w&t, k15

Row 12: p12, w&t, k12

Row 13: p9, w&t, k9

Row 14: p6, w&t, k6

Row 15: knit

Row 16: k1 *yo, k2tog. Rpt from * to last stitch, k1.

Row 17: knit

Repeat rows 4-17 until the scarf as long as you would like, or you almost run out of yarn, making sure that you end on row 16.

Cast off, weave in the ends, and wear your fabulous, snuggly scarf out and about!



Pattern: Langstone Harbour Short Row Scarf

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  • 2nd February 2016 at 20:36

    That looks yummy! Maybe time for some stash diving 🙂


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