This past week I noticed that The Littlest Babbidge’s preschool hat was getting a little short over the ears. Despite some desperate protests that her hat was fine, she finally told me that she would wear a new one but on the condition that the new hat was yellow.

Yes my friends, yellow. Hmmm. My girl likes blue. Everything blue. I waited overnight and asked her again the next day. Still yellow…

Fine. Well I had the Purl Soho Garter Earflap Hat queued and some Cascade 220 superwash handy. I also had some cream so I thought a bit of ombré would be nice. I cast on and got going.

You may have guessed how well that went, given the final picture above. The next day it was Not Right. Oh, there was drama. How dare I be knitting her a yellow hat! Why on earth would she want one of those!

Amidst the more usual cries of ‘But Mummy, it must be blue!’ I cast on once more. This time I decided to start with the cream and instead of going ombré, having a subtle garter stitch stripe after 5cm or so. It worked out well and it was just blue enough to keep Little Miss happy too.

The final hat is Ravelled here.

Finished Object: It Must be Blue!

2 thoughts on “Finished Object: It Must be Blue!

  • 31st January 2017 at 09:32

    How did you do the stripes? Very nice!

    • 31st January 2017 at 09:35

      Thank you! I just knitted the knit row in the blue and the purl row in the cream. It’s a pattern that I’d seen on a friend’s cowl and it looked so effective that I wanted to use it in something.


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